Yanko’s Concessions

I like buying old games ❤ often, I buy them in bundles and end up with duplicate items. So… I’m selling them, and YOU get to have first dibs!

Before I post my items in any public site, I’ll be posting them on my Facebook Page for my Yankozoids to peruse through first (one of the many perks )


My Shot (sample)

So I’ve been avoiding Hamilton since it came out. The hype was too big, and it kind of turned me off to seeing it. Recently Natalie was assigned by her work to check it out on Disney+, so naturally I sat through it with her… haven’t been able to get it out of my head since… so much so that… well…

Disco Pigs – A Directing College Project

This was my project that I turned in for my Directing 2 class at UTPA (now UTRGV). It was so exciting – I made the mistake of not having taken a video-editing class prior to this, but still. I’m very proud of this project. So many feels.

This project includes 4 sections! So, I actually shot too much for everything to fit under 15min (as required by the course) So here are time-frames of where the sections begin

  • 0.00 – What I turned in for a grade
  • 16:21 – The ending scene (following previous events)
  • 20:40 – Additional scene that was removed from video
  • 22:38 – Behind the scenes