My YouTube Channel

I’ll be sure to post any new videos I’ve worked on, however if you would like to see some of my older work, visit My YouTube ChannelHere’s a list of what you’ll find there

  • Old college projects I directed / starred in
  • Unedited gameplay of when I was streaming on Twitch
  • A few of my favorite clips from movies
  • Random silliness

This is one of my favorite projects, mainly because I had a great time directing my two super-talented nieces, and having one of my best friends as my cinematographer.

I’m currently working as a video producer for an Analyst Firm called Frost & Sullivan. Most of the work there is very corporate, and based off templates we create, however at times we get a chance to add our own creative touch. I’ll be sure to share some of my more fun or interesting work from there when I can.

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