Revisiting the World of Warcraft

After years of not stepping foot in this vast, digital world of fantasy, today I  decided to revisit Azeroth. This time…. fighting for the Horde. I’ve never played Horde before, so I expect this to be a fun new experience in multiple levels. Next time be sure to join me while I live-stream on My Twitch Channel!

I first picked up WoW 10 years ago during the Burning Crusade expansion. Everything was still VERY vanilla  back then. Super hard to lvl up, mounts at lvl 25 (kill me), then the faster mounts at lvl 60. I played through WotLK and Cata as well… but when Blizzard decided to change the Talent tree with the release of MoP… I drew the line, and decided to stop. By this time, the game was just SUPER nerfed. Ppl were able to lvl up to 60 in a week (or less even). Now, with Legion… things seem to be looking up. I look forward to see the new things this world has to offer.

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