The Grind for the Mount

I’m not really much of a Heroes of the Storm player. Played it a couple of times with some friends to try it out, but wasn’t a huge fan. Well… as you know, recently PixiePickles and I started playing World of Warcraft again, and we see this add for this sweet-lava-core-lookin’ mount we can get WoW by just playing 15 matches in Heroes of the Storm in a group as WoW characters. Welp – here we are, and I gotta say, we’re having a ball! Not only is HotS FREE-TO-PLAY, it’s a great team-building game, especially if you frequently play with the same friends or family.

Anywho – here’s the 5 action-packed matches we played last night.

We had played 5 other matches the night before last, but the audio quality was garbage, not to mention some technical issues with the game-capturing features in OBS. Still – we did not do so well that night either way 😛

You can always watch more of my Streaming videos, as well as other video projects on My YouTube Page!

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