D&D Live – Tales from the Web of Inther

Hello weary traveler… I see you are stuck on my Web. You were easily fooled, just like many others before you. Not to worry, I take no joy in eating humans. I find it much more pleasing to watch them slowly die of starvation, as they explore the range of their emotions and watch them squirm as they suffer through the physical pain they will endure. Ah, but the fun doesn’t stop there… my webs are embedded with archaic magic, storing the memories of those that perish within it. During your final days here, you will get to see not only your own life flash before your eyes, but also that of heroes past. How they lived… how they suffered… how they ended up here… where you are now.

Welcome… to the Tales from the Web of INTHER!

For a list of previous adventures, please click on the Three Bars on the top-right corner

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