Streamer of the Year

when I started streaming last year… I was completely new to the entire experience. I was not an avid watcher of other streamers… I didn’t REALLY see the potential in playing video-games professionally, or being that kind of personality. I did it because… I needed a creative outlet, I love video-games, and I started out during an emotionally distressful month of that year, and streaming helped me get through that; you know, the pre-production, the excitement of being “LIVE” – hanging out with friends who cared to watch and be there for me (shout out to Neil Shuford – love you bud).

Now… shortly after I started streaming, I began to see what kind of content was out there – I was honestly not very impressed by most of it. My entire life has revolved around Entertainment – I’m from a circus family, I went to Orange County High School of the Arts for Piano Performance – I got my degree in TV/FILM and Theatre, and I currently work as a Video Producer full-time for Frost & Sullivan… there’s a lot of crap out there getting a lot of undeserved attention. But then I ran into The Doc… I instantly found new inspiration. This guy really takes live competitive gaming to a new level. His character, with his over-the-top life-style and personality just finds its way into your heart. In just a year, this guy managed to rank up 40k LIVE viewers. Other great streamers have struggled to grow that fanbase in a decade.

I don’t know this guy – but I’m so proud of him. I know how hard it can be to engage an audience, especially one of that size. He truly deserved this award, and I hope his career just keeps growing from here. Like he says “He’s already half-way up the mountain, and he’s just getting started.”


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