Jenny, prepare yourself for a shock: The Rocketeer is coming back in 2019!!!

(play this while reading the article for ultimate immersion)

The worlds favorite hood ornament is coming back, but… it may not be exactly what you imagined. As announced by Disney’s ABC Press, there will be a new animated show on Disney Junior called “The Rocketeer” in 2019 – yes, it is inspired by the original comic book series by Dave Stevens, however unlike the movie, it will focus mainly on a little girl named Kit who receives the Rocketeer gear in the mail, and is entrusted to be the next-in-line to wear the suit, and save the day!


I don’t know about you… but I’m pretty excited about this. My son will be 4 next year, and this show will be geared towards 2 – 7 year old kids, and will be presented in a  “Family Fun” way. My son gets to grow up with one of my childhood heroes! Well… kinda. It will be a girl, so he won’t be able to relate in the same way. But still… this is a great follow-up to show him the movie, and he’d be more willing to get into it.


When the original film came out in 1991 (I was 5 at the time) I fell in love with it. A dude flying around with a Rocket strapped to his back… and that iconic helmet. It also carried an exciting plot filled with Nazi’s, old-school gangsters, airplane races. I mean, the concept was just badass. Not only that, but the film also showed some insight to a “behind-the-scenes” environment of the film business, since Jenny (The Rocketeers love interest) was an aspiring actress, and the villain was a movie-star.


I hope you’re as excited as I am – to get you more into the mood, here’s the original soundtrack to the film. Play it in the background while you run around your house, jumping from couch to couch screaming “I got to save JENNY!!!”



The title picture was taken by me in Disneyland’s Tomorrow Land in California. I remember always wanting them to have some kind of live Rocketeer show, or at-least a face character you can meet and take a pic with. Then when Disney’s California Adventure opened up, and they showcased that area with “Soarin’ Over California” with all the airplane themed things, I was sure they would have him pop up there every now and then. But no dice. Now… this is a very real possibility! Can’t wait!


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