Trumping Violent Video-Games…? Nice try!

“Violent, isn’t it?”

The first words Trump said to Video-Game critics and Video-Game execs after having a meeting with them in regards to the violence shown in Video-Games. He goes on to explain that these games are “murder simulators” and is encouraging these developers, as well as the entertainment industry as a whole to be aware of this, and to regulate the production of such violent content. Trump continues to say the following.

“Can anyone deny that we’ve raised the most vicious generation of killers the world has ever seen?”

I wonder… instead of wasting the time of these game executives and game critics who have far much better things to do (like making even bloodier video-games), why didn’t he hold the same meeting with the entire nation via a live-stream? Because the reality is that these 6 games (two of the scenes are from the same game) along with several others are rated properly by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), and are not intended to be played by children.

The reality is that most American parents have done very little “raising” when it comes to the content their children are exposed to. They treat todays electronics as if they were today’s babysitters, leaving their kids in their rooms for hours, unsupervised, not even aware of what their kids are playing or watching.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 2.53.44 PM

I myself (Gen X / Millennial)  was raised playing video-games, and over the years those beloved characters have grown up along with me. I was fortunate enough to go through the 8bit and 16bit era during my single-digit youth, so the violence and gore could not possibly be as explicit as it is today. My three nieces (Gen Z) were scarcely exposed to video-games growing up, because my brother understood the impression modern game content could leave on his highly influential kids. I personally do plan on exposing my son Jack (currently 3) to video-games, but of course it will be highly regulated (as in… I’m most-likely going to be playing with him).

Video-Games, just as other forms of entertainment media, is where the modern artist thrives! They collaborate with other artist, and get to express an idea through visual and audial stimuli. The range of an artist has no limits or boundaries, and should not be regulated… it’s really not President Trump’s place to step-in and request such a thing from a thriving company. He of all people should know better. But he should, by all means, encourage American families to pay more attention to what their kids are doing, and to… I don’t know… be fucking parents. Regulate your children’s time with electronics. Make sure they are interacting with things appropriate to their age or maturity.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 3.06.50 PM.png

Shit man, even Steve Jobs limited his own apple products in his home, I can only imagine how strict he was in regards to video-games. In an interview, when asked if his kids loved the iPad, Jobs replied with the following.

“They haven’t used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at home.”

I love violent video-games, and ask anyone who knows me well, I am the least violent person they know. Then again, I also love Disney movies so I suppose I’m well balanced in that sense. The again, what do I know, right? I’ve only been a comical entertainer and clown since the age of 6, I have worked with kids for a very long time. When I was 14, my first niece was born, and we pretty much helped raise her. I was also a High-School Theatre teacher for a while, and have participated in many after-school programs in multiple institutes. Not to mention, I currently have a 3-year-old son.

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