The Big Dream with Little Balls

During our Summer Internship at the University of Texas Pan-American (now UTRGV), actor Valente Rodriguez, a former alumni of the school, came to direct an original film entitled Big Dreams, Little Balls. The project was about a series of college students fantasizing about what they would do if they won the lottery, going through a series of dream sequences, ending with their favorite school janitor actually winning it.

Here’s a documentary the local media made covering the “behind the scenes” of this production

It was a great pleasure working with Valente and the rest of the team. It was my second time working on a feature-film – first time as a Cinematographer. Also, Valente was really into my crazy-long curly hair, and gave me a part in the movie as a spiritual guru. Would have been great if this project was able to go through Post-Production. Now it’s just gone… like tears in the rain.

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