The First Latino Theatre Initiatives Play

La Lente Maravillosa was the first play produced by the Latino Theatre Initiatives, led by Eric Wiley at the University of Texas Pan-American (now UTRGV). This was a spanish children’s play we put together and performed around the Rio Grande Valley.

When they attempted to take the play to Mexico to perform it at elementary schools, Eirc Wiley and his team met a lot of resistance, and received many warnings to not attempt such a feat, due to the high violence rate of the cartel in the Texas-Mexican border.

This sparked the initiative’s interest, and led to our award winning production called “Crawling with Monsters” which has been performed at Fringe Festivals across the nation. I was a part of the first tour of this play as well when it was performed at the New Orleans Fringe Festival

1 minute in – behind the pole-dancing pig

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