About Yanko

Here’s a bunch of facts about Yanko that make him who he is

  • He loves his girlfriend Natalie, their son Jack, and Ringo the pug
  • Professionally, He has been a circus clown, musical theatre director, high school teacher for Theatre Arts, sound designer, live-audio operator, stage-manager, music composer, live-camera operator, and most recently a video producer
  • He really enjoy working ALL DAY on a creative project, playing video-games, and building stuff with Jack
  • He longs to live in his birthplace, Los Angeles, California again, but he is also pretty content where he is now in San Antonio, Texas.
  • He attended the Orange County High School of the Arts, which is where Dante Brasco (Rufio from “Hook”) graduated from. There he studied Piano Performance.
  • His mom’s side of the family are all circus owners and performers from Mexico – Circo Hermanos Bell’s.
  • His dad’s side of the family are Cuban, and his dad himself was a musician.

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