Disco Pigs – A Directing College Project

This was my project that I turned in for my Directing 2 class at UTPA (now UTRGV). It was so exciting – I made the mistake of not having taken a video-editing class prior to this, but still. I’m very proud of this project. So many feels.

This project includes 4 sections! So, I actually shot too much for everything to fit under 15min (as required by the course) So here are time-frames of where the sections begin

  • 0.00 – Final project that was turned in
  • 14:54 – The ending scene (taking place right after first section)
  • 18:52 – Additional scene that was removed from video
  • 20:35 – Behind the scenes

Custom Alerts – Super Smash Bros with Yankozoid

On my Twitch stream, every friday I would play Super Smash Bros 4 with my buddy Rey. As we developed our content, he created an awesome 2D Animated alert for whenever he beats me with his signature move, the “Banana Slamma”

2D Animation: Rey Saez | Streamer & Producer: Yanko Artidiello

On the other hand… Rey also Animated an alert for whenever I landed my signature move with my Dark Link character, the “Tripple Pico” – However… in this particular clip, Rey ended up landing it on me… :/

2D Animation: Rey Saez | Streamer & Producer: Yanko Artidiello