Intro for GameBoiLight

Twitch streamer GameBoiLight (formerly known as Afro_Sauce) hired Y. Art Production’s services to make him a 5min intro for his live-stream. He provided the concept and the logo – and we took it from there. In order to incorporate Rey’s sweet 2D animation skills, I came up with the idea of a character selection screen where he chooses himself.

2D Animation by Rey Saez | Video/Audio Production by Yanko Artidiello

Here’s an alternate ending he would use when his wife Giselle would take over his streams – this is one of my favorites ❤

2D Animation by Rey Saez | Video/Audio Production by Yanko Artidiello

King Lear – Theatre History Assignment

My girlfriend Natalie was taking History of Theatre II, and for one of their assignments, they had the choice of either doing a book-report, or a short video adaptation explaining their understanding of the play they were assigned. She was reading King Lear. So we took the basic premise of that story, and created this modern silent-film interpretation.

Discovering Mayka – Cinesol 36 Hour Film Race

2009 – This was the first time I ever entered a film race. Prior to my knowledge of video editing, cinematography, or any school yet (it was my first year of film-school). We came up with this Alice in Wonderland type concept, and rolled with it.

The three criteria for making this video

  1. The Prop: A Cape
  2. The Line: “I think I’ll put this in my Blog”
  3. The Character: A Mariachi

Everyone did so great – I wish I would have known then what I know now! Either way, it was a great learning experience!

Lead Actress: Mayka Medrano

Vision Media Studios

Shortly after being hired at Frost & Sullivan as a Video Producer, they filmed this video showing the kind of work we do. We really do so much more than just this… come to think of it, we should really update this video. In either way, this was the beginnings of my first full-time time as a Video Producer.

Video Produced by Montgomery Erikson. founder of E-Digital Productions

The Big Dream with Little Balls

During our Summer Internship at the University of Texas Pan-American (now UTRGV), actor Valente Rodriguez, a former alumni of the school, came to direct an original film entitled Big Dreams, Little Balls. The project was about a series of college students fantasizing about what they would do if they won the lottery, going through a series of dream sequences, ending with their favorite school janitor actually winning it.

Here’s a documentary the local media made covering the “behind the scenes” of this production

It was a great pleasure working with Valente and the rest of the team. It was my second time working on a feature-film – first time as a Cinematographer. Also, Valente was really into my crazy-long curly hair, and gave me a part in the movie as a spiritual guru. Would have been great if this project was able to go through Post-Production. Now it’s just gone… like tears in the rain.