Yanko’s Concessions

I like buying old games ❤ often, I buy them in bundles and end up with duplicate items. So… I’m selling them, and YOU get to have first dibs!

Before I post my items in any public site, I’ll be posting them on my Facebook Page for my Yankozoids to peruse through first (one of the many perks )


Custom Alerts – Super Smash Bros with Yankozoid

On my Twitch stream, every friday I would play Super Smash Bros 4 with my buddy Rey. As we developed our content, he created an awesome 2D Animated alert for whenever he beats me with his signature move, the “Banana Slamma”

2D Animation: Rey Saez | Streamer & Producer: Yanko Artidiello

On the other hand… Rey also Animated an alert for whenever I landed my signature move with my Dark Link character, the “Tripple Pico” – However… in this particular clip, Rey ended up landing it on me… :/

2D Animation: Rey Saez | Streamer & Producer: Yanko Artidiello

Custom Twitch Alert for GameBoiLight

Once again, Y. Art Productions was contracted to produce a new Twitch Alert for our friend and Streamer, GameBoiLight. He again had the concept, and we executed the idea. For this, all production credit goes to my associate Rey Saez for his amazing 2D Animation skills.

Producer: Yanko Artidiello | 2D Animation: Rey Saez

Intro for GameBoiLight

Twitch streamer GameBoiLight (formerly known as Afro_Sauce) hired Y. Art Production’s services to make him a 5min intro for his live-stream. He provided the concept and the logo – and we took it from there. In order to incorporate Rey’s sweet 2D animation skills, I came up with the idea of a character selection screen where he chooses himself.

2D Animation by Rey Saez | Video/Audio Production by Yanko Artidiello

Here’s an alternate ending he would use when his wife Giselle would take over his streams – this is one of my favorites ❤

2D Animation by Rey Saez | Video/Audio Production by Yanko Artidiello

Twitch-Channel Emotes


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Twitch Emotes with prices6.png



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