D&D Live – Tales from the Web of Inther

Hello weary traveler… I see you are stuck on my Web. You were easily fooled, just like many others before you. Not to worry, I take no joy in eating humans. I find it much more pleasing to watch them slowly die of starvation, as they explore the range of their emotions and watch them squirm as they suffer through the physical pain they will endure. Ah, but the fun doesn’t stop there… my webs are embedded with archaic magic, storing the memories of those that perish within it. During your final days here, you will get to see not only your own life flash before your eyes, but also that of heroes past. How they lived… how they suffered… how they ended up here… where you are now.

Welcome… to the Tales from the Web of INTHER!

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Season 1 | Retro-Gaming Adventures

In this season, I will be venturing through a series of retro-games, mainly focusing on 2nd through 4th generation consoles. The focus is on games that really spark my curiosity, and have established staples seen in games even today.

Here’s the playlist of the game-sessions I’ve done so far:

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New Mount! New WoW Server!

So, after almost a 5 hour stream, PixiePickles and I finally got the Flamesaber Mount for World of Warcraft. During the stream, we joined up with our old College buddy, did a couple more HotS matches – then jumped on WoW to check out our new sweet ride. Gotta say, looks pretty awesome!

While there, we decided to use the Lightbringer server to join our friends Alliance Guild 😀 Fun times ahead. Created a Worgen Druid.

P.S. I freakin’ LOVE playing as Ragnaros in Heroes of the Storm. So much fun!!!

The Grind for the Mount

I’m not really much of a Heroes of the Storm player. Played it a couple of times with some friends to try it out, but wasn’t a huge fan. Well… as you know, recently PixiePickles and I started playing World of Warcraft again, and we see this add for this sweet-lava-core-lookin’ mount we can get WoW by just playing 15 matches in Heroes of the Storm in a group as WoW characters. Welp – here we are, and I gotta say, we’re having a ball! Not only is HotS FREE-TO-PLAY, it’s a great team-building game, especially if you frequently play with the same friends or family.

Anywho – here’s the 5 action-packed matches we played last night.

We had played 5 other matches the night before last, but the audio quality was garbage, not to mention some technical issues with the game-capturing features in OBS. Still – we did not do so well that night either way 😛

You can always watch more of my Streaming videos, as well as other video projects on My YouTube Page!

A Couple of Nights of GoldenEye: Source

so, 1am… and I’m thinking… I really do suck at First Person Shooters. So I decide “hey, let me work on that.” However, the way I want to do this is by playing a fan-made remake of the only FPS game I’ve ever loved. Here’s the stream 😀

Oh man, I haven’t had that much fun playing GoldenEye since back in the 90’s man. My buddy Afro and his friends Tommy and Vinny hung out with us while playing team-battles. So much fun – so many inappropriate comments. Looking forward to doing that again soon!