a Silent Short film

Yet another short film from my college years. Fun facts about this film – it was all done in two days (one day of actual filming). The film needed to be no longer than 10min – but since I wanted the old-film feel, I filmed a 15min project, and sped it up so that it’s under 10min. Enjoy!

My YouTube Channel

I’ll be sure to post any new videos I’ve worked on, however if you would like to see some of my older work, visit My YouTube ChannelHere’s a list of what you’ll find there

  • Old college projects I directed / starred in
  • Unedited gameplay of when I was streaming on Twitch
  • A few of my favorite clips from movies
  • Random silliness

This is one of my favorite projects, mainly because I had a great time directing my two super-talented nieces, and having one of my best friends as my cinematographer.

I’m currently working as a video producer for an Analyst Firm called Frost & Sullivan. Most of the work there is very corporate, and based off templates we create, however at times we get a chance to add our own creative touch. I’ll be sure to share some of my more fun or interesting work from there when I can.